The Debut Novel: Cruel Paradise

The year is 2057. Larkin Bellamy and her father lived in a darker time for the United States, when the Western World had become alarmingly consumed by Socialism, and the American citizens in turn creating a resurgence of the old era of McCarthyism. Neighbors spy on neighbors and friends betray one another to avoid being in the spotlight themselves. 

In these turbulent times, Hadrian Bellamy chooses to pursue a lucrative yet 'less than reputable' line of work, and is forced to flee with his daughter to escape almost certain prosecution at the hands of the now extremely paranoid CIA. They seek refuge on a beautiful Caribbean island, hoping to fall under the radar of any neighboring Socialist powers and the US government alike. But their disastrous fate seems to follow them, launching the two fugitives in to a harrowing fight for survival and leaving them stranded in the lush paradise. 

When Larkin is ripped away from her father, she has no choice but to grasp the dark reality facing her and circumstances far more impactful than she can realize, before it's too late. Forced to evade secret service agents, armed guards, and the vile man responsible for her plight, Larkin finds herself in near impossible odds. Gaining a mysterious ally in the most unlikely of places, the two of them must navigate their way through the treacherous sparkling waters, rife with danger at every turn. 

Words of Praise

"The story laced between the pages of Cruel Paradise is thrilling and unlike anything I have read before...  As I read the book, I found myself invested very quickly in the story and this, in turn, kept me turning the pages with haste.

The plot in Cruel Paradise is incredible and full of many layers that are all intricately well-developed, as well as intriguing. The multiple layers throughout the story are fascinating and will have the reader’s minds racing with thoughts as they are compelled to think about the troubling crimes at the heart of the story. As I read Cruel Paradise, I loved the feeling of being challenged. I loved having to invest myself fully in the story as I tried to think about the crime and predict the upcoming events.

Raechal Evett has managed to write an incredible novel that is full of suspense and mystery. This will keep readers of Cruel Paradise turning the pages into the early hours of the morning. Evett can only be described as a new literary talent as she knows how to captivate her readers from the start. Evett is a writer who does not hold back, she thrusts her reader into the thick of the drama very early on, and she keeps them turning the pages thanks to her excellent descriptive powers. The author perfectly describes the scenes in her book, as well as her characters, and this correctly places the reader in the thick of the story as the reader can imagine every place and event perfectly.

To summarize my thoughts on the thrilling novel that is Cruel Paradise, I would say if you are a reader who is tired of seeing the same old crime/suspense books that are lackluster and forgettable, then take a chance on this excellent read, because I promise that you will not be disappointed. It is a novel that has everything the reader would want in a story and so much more. It has spine-tingling good content, dynamic, memorable characters; all coming from a charismatic author that writes flawlessly and wonderfully. It is an all-around, exciting and significant book that you will not be disappointed in if you choose to turn the pages. My rating for this astonishing book, of course, has to be five stars! So please do have a read of the preview below, you will not regret it!"

About the Author

Raechal Evett is a graduate of Texas A&M University, where she studied both Hispanic and Russian history, culture, language, and literature. She is the first-time published author of Cruel Paradise, and writer of many short stories located in a trunk in the attic somewhere. 
A longtime lover of languages and literature alike, Raechal's obsessions are (somewhat predictably) traveling, burying her nose in a book, photography, chocolate, and attempting crafty things from Pinterest. 
Raechal continues to dream up new stories and adventures, while questing with her darling little boy, who genuinely believes that he is a super hero.